Christmas Campaign

Get ready, the Beaumont Nisku Christmas Elves campaign kicks off

November 12th


We attempt to provide all children 12 and under with a few toys, books, pajamas, a hat and mitts. 


All teens aged 13-18 are given gift cards valued at $50, pair of pajamas and some personal hygiene items. 

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Food Hampers

Through your food, gift card and monetary donations we will deliver approximately 85 Christmas hampers to deserving families in need this holiday season.


Your generosity brings joy to your community.

For a list of food we are in need of please click the link below.

Candlelit Table
Christmas Eve

Raffle Coordinator


Last year was our first 50/50 raffle and it was a huge success!! So much so we need a looking for a Raffle Coordinator to oversee its success again this year!


The Raffle Coordinator will assume all responsibilities associated with the BNCES 50/50 Raffle non-electronic ticket sales and the management of the sales team of volunteers.

  • Manage BNCES 50/50 Raffle non-electronic ticket sales including the assembly of a ticket sales team of volunteers.  

  • Distribute tickets to the sales team volunteers and collect monies and unsold tickets from them on a regular basis for submission to the BNCES Raffle Director.  

  • Follow all rules and guidelines of the AGLC Raffle permit and license granted to the BNCES. 

  • Be accountable to the BNCES Director appointed to oversee the entire Raffle

  • Develop and maintain accurate records and accounting of all tickets received from the ticket stock, those sold, spoiled, distributed for sale and then ultimately sold and finally tickets unsold and returned to ticket stock, according to the requirements of the AGLC.

  • Distribute all tickets to purchasers according to the rules and regulations of the AGLC.

  • Develop and maintain accurate records and accounting of all monies collected from the non-electronic ticket sales.

  • Follow any processes and procedures as shall be set out by the Treasurer for such submission.

  • Obtain all approvals, in advance, for any expenditures necessary to facilitate ticket sales for which the Raffle Coordinate may incur.  Retain all receipts and records of payments and submit the appropriate paperwork required for reimbursement. 

  • At the end of ticket sales and before the draw, co-ordinate and  work with a board member or board members to reconcile all tickets and prepare tickets for the draw. 

Interested or know someone who is? Send an email:

Become an Elf

If you are looking for rewarding ways to help others and bring cheer and joy to your community this holiday season become an elf today. It'll be Elftastic!

Check out a listing of volunteer opportunities and positions below.